Why is there a same transaction in two blocks in Ethereum?

I found a same transaction appeared in two blocks according to our app log files. It results in a primary key error in the database since we used tx.hash for PK column.

You will see transaction 0x1f755c38f032091736b4f331f7db77a04917d962078db57efc1e8156163c68bc in both queries’ responses below. How can it?

eth block:get 15365119 --network 'https://cloudflare-eth.com/v1/mainnet'
eth block:get 15365121 --network 'https://cloudflare-eth.com/v1/mainnet'

Transaction 0x1f755c38f032091736b4f331f7db77a04917d962078db57efc1e8156163c68bc is in both blocks 15365119 and 15365121. Why it’s only in block 15365121 on Etherscan now.

P.S. Can someone fix this stupid error “Sorry, you can’t include links in your posts.”?

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