Why is the TTFB high at the Origin server location?

The server is located in Mumbai linode data center. TTFB seems to comparatively high in India where the Origin server is located and 70 percent of customers are located. The site serves customers across the globe. Any reason why TTFB is high?

That tool does not necessarily connect via one of Cloudflare’s Indian datacentres and if that is the case and it connects via - lets say - London you’d have the explanation why latency is higher.

But if that’s the case TTFB should high in Singapore which is closest to Bangalore, India.

It all depends on the routing and the datacentres they are going through.

There is a dedicated article in #Tutorials.

Would there be any difference in performance if the domain registrar is cloudflare instead of Godaddy?

No, the registrar is irrelevant. Apart from the fact that I would never recommend Godaddy anyhow :slight_smile:

Anything that you would recommend to decrease the TTFB at origin location? Thanks for the advise on Godaddy :grinning:

Do you actually have issues with that value?

Yes. Without cloudflare the total content download time is 1 second and TTFB is 150 seconds are the origin location. And with cloudflare total content download time is 2.4 seconds and TTFB is around 1 second.

In that case we’d need to debug your connection. Whats the domain?

Domain is Haya Creations

Whats the output of https://www.hayacreations.com/cdn-cgi/trace then?

How do I get this trace data?

I am not sure about your question. You load the page and paste the output here.

This is what I see.

You go via Singapore, that will explain the higher latency just like in the other case.

I am not sure I understand. Are you asking me to test this via singapore?

No, I am saying that your ISP routes you to the Singaporean datacentre of Cloudflare. Please refer to the article I mentioned earlier.

There are many articles in that link. Are you referring to any specific article?

The Peering one.