Why is the Domain not working?

The new domain big-sale.pp.ua has not been working for two days. An automatic redirect to another domain registered earlier is performed. DNS settings are correct. I don’t understand the reason.

So it’s redirecting automatically? Try making a page rule to counter it, first enter the URL it’s redirecting to then click “Forwarding URL” Note: You cannot add any other rules with a forwarding URL rule then click 301: Permanent redirect then copy and paste the URL you want it to redirect to! Only one Page Rule will trigger per URL, so put your most specific Page Rules at the top! Hope that helps for more information visit Creating Page Rules – Cloudflare Help Center

You deleted that zone from your account 2021-04-15T08:17:47-07:00, visible in your audit log. If this was unintentional, just +Add a Site to add it back.

BTW, in the current state, with name servers pointing to cloudflare and the domain not active in your account, the domain can be hijacked, lots of discussion on this site about that risk.

Yes, I did. Couldn’t solve the problem.Thanks for attention!

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