Why is the account always inactive?

Why is the account always inactive?

How long does it take to activate?

Hi @alongaz599,

I am not sure exactly what you mean here, is it that you have a domain but it is still showing as pending nameserver update?

If so, this should help:

My server always fails when pulling a certificate

domjh via Cloudflare Community [email protected]于2020年5月5日 周二上午1:55写道:

fang luo [email protected]于2020年5月5日 周二上午1:59写道:

That usually happens because you have “Always Use HTTPS” enabled, so Let’s Encrypt can never connect to your server with HTTP. You can either try turning off “Always Use HTTPS” in the SSL/TLS Edge Certificates section, or adding the Cloudflare plugin to certbot. Persontally, I find it easier to just use the Cloudflare origin certificate.



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sdayman via Cloudflare Community [email protected]于2020年5月5日 周二上午2:57写道:

Your picture does not show the error message at the bottom.

Do you see those red words? The same problem occurs at every IP address, but no one else has the same problem. I don’t know why.

sdayman via Cloudflare Community [email protected]于2020年5月5日 周二上午3:17写道:

It failed because of the error that’s at the bottom of the picture.

al.alongaz.ga is not using Cloudflare. Connection direct to origin fails on port 80. As the error message says… likely a firewall problem, at your origin.

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