Why is Support ignoring me?

I opened a support ticket to report a bug and request help. That was 24 hours ago. I naively thought the problem would be addressed immediately, and fixed within a half hour maximum. I keep refreshing the ticket page, but I’m not getting a reply.

I then opened a new ticket to ask “Why is Support ignoring me?”. The bot replied that I should upgrade to a paid plan, which I’d be happy to do if that’s what it takes to get an answer. But when I clicked on the bot’s “paid plan” link, I was taken to my list of zones, with a message saying “Select a domain.” Huh? I tried to reply, but the ticket had already been closed, as if they’re flipping me off.

Does anyone know how I can get a response from Support?

What error is so critical that you expect a 30-minute response on a free plan?


If a friend messages you, it might take you a while to reply. If your job is customer support, and a customer messages you for support, why would you not reply immediately?

When you’re running a freemium business, you generally want free-tier customers to be happy yet enticed to upgrade. I’d be happy to pay for support, but I don’t understand exactly how that works here.

I think the specific error is secondary to the problem of terrible support, but two of my domains are stuck mid-transfer, and when I try to cancel the transfer (using the UI), the server returns 422 Unprocessable Entity.

But again, the error could be anything, and the real problem here is Support’s lack of support.

Have a look at Contacting Cloudflare Support – Cloudflare Help Center. For free plans:

Customers on Free plans are encouraged to utilize our Cloudflare Community and will only receive standard ticket support for billing, account, 2FA, and abuse issues.

I have a Business plan and don’t even have a 30-minute response time in my tickets. Not to say I don’t get quick responses at times, but it’s not guaranteed that quickly is what I mean.


It’s hard to argue with anything you said when you are being unreasonably entitled.

If you want a 30 min response for your tickets, I believe the enterprise package might be a good fit.


I see your tickets with Support, multiple tickets do slow down the process, they have been merged into 2424832 and I am copied on them.

While we are waiting on a reply, can you share details of the issue here?


THAT is helpful. That’s what the bot should have told me. Thank you!

But I still don’t get how to pay. I tried selecting a plan from https://www.cloudflare.com/plans/ and I was again taken to my list of zones, with a message telling me to “Select a domain”. I may be dense, but that’s extraordinarily confusing.

Sigh, thank you for calling me out. I suppose you’re right. I’m just feeling frustrated.

Sure thing. I did above. When I click the Cancel button to abort either of my two stuck domain transfers, the server responds with 422 Unprocessable Entity, and the Cloudflare frontend has no idea how to handle that.

Thank you @000 did you approve the transfer out at the existing registrar? That can sometimes delay the process.

Yep, it says it’s stuck at payment. I’ve successfully transferred MANY domains to Cloudflare in the last week, and I don’t see any rejected payments from my payment providers. But in any case, I’d like to cancel the transfers and retry them. The bug prevents me from cancelling.

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Log-in to your Cloudflare dashboard. Select your domain/zone on the Home page. On the right, under Active Subscriptions, select Change.

I have about a hundred domains. Can I select all of them? What does my account’s billing tier have to do with any of my specific domains? If I can only choose one, how am I supposed to know which one to choose?

The paid plans are on a per-zone basis. You could have different zones on different plans.

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I see that on the manage domain page in your account but also see the domain fee was billed and shows as billed and paid on 4/12. I suspect this is a timing issue and the team will ensure you are not billed multiple times. I’ll flag this thread for the attention of my colleagues from the Registrar team, they will be online later today and I’ll bring this issue to their attention.

:point_up: why do that?

You are in the process of moving a domain to Cloudflare Registrar, plan type/mix of plan types does not affect that process.


Not saying they must. However, they’d said that they tried to purchase a plan, but weren’t sure how to do it.

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Thank you so much, @cloonan. My faith in Cloudflare is hereby restored. I’m sorry for being such an entitled ■■■■■■.


Thank you to everyone who politely offered me help here despite my frustration, and especially to @cloonan, as the problem is now solved, and I came away with a better understanding of paid tiers as a bonus.


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