Why is subdomain support only available for Enterprise customers?

I want to serve URLs like these for a lab setup I’m configuring:

  • http ://crl.example.org/rootca.crl
  • http ://crl.example.org/intermediateca.crl

Where I want to maintain the management for the other example.org DNS entries in another NS which I’m more familiar with.

But I see the following from the FAQ at https://support.cloudflare.com/hc/en-us/articles/360017421192-Cloudflare-DNS-FAQ#h_41430356531541184358992:

By default, subdomains cannot be added as standalone domains in a Cloudflare account. The root domain must be added to a Cloudflare account and then subdomains are managed within the root domain. However, Enterprise customers can contact Cloudflare support and request to add subdomains directly to their Cloudflare account.

So, can you please confirm to me that having the capability to add a Cloudflare site for a subdomain like crl.example.org requires an Enterprise account?, and how much is the minimum cost for such type of account?.

Finally, why would such feature not be available for free accounts?, I say it because, for example, for me, that I just want to use Cloudflare CDN for my lab setup, the fact that I can’t configure a subdomain as a site is a total blocker and would simply make me look for other CDN options instead of having a chance to test Cloudflare. Why don’t you just set the limits for free accounts based on other account features like the amount of traffic?.

That is correct. It’s not available on lower price plans. On Business Plans ($200/mo), you can create a CNAME at your domain to point to something you have at Cloudflare for your purpose. So you might create a domain here called mycrl.org just for hosting that subdomain. Then create a CNAME in the example.org DNS for the ‘crl’ subdomain that points to your new mycrl domain.

But why would such a feature not be available in Free plans?. Don’t you think that not having that feature prevents the entry of new Cloudflare users (e.g. me)?.

Well. Cloudflare is giving away a lot of features for free and (sub) delegation is some advanced than 99% of the free plan really need. They want DDoS protection and SSL. Therefore

the DNS frontend is very easy to use. Did you have a look at it?

What’s possible is deletating sub zones away from Cloudflare.

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I’m just dedicating one domain to keep it configured with Cloudflare and this way test its features.

Anyway, I think that providing support for direct subdomain configuration would allow several users to start using Cloudflare and they could find the limits for free accounts based on other account features (e.g. like the amount of traffic) which would eventually make them require to upgrade to other paid plans.

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