Why is SoftLayer Technologies visiting my website?

I’ve been using Cloudfare to block visitors from my home country and it has been so effective thus far! But recently I’ve been getting lots of hits from an ip address in Lithuania on 3 separate occasions. I decided to search their ip address online and found out that it’s originating from an organisation called SoftLayer Technologies which I’ve never heard of! I’m not an IT expert but could anyone please inform me of what’s going on :frowning: are they bots? Attached is the screenshot of the ip address detailing its origins.

Hi @pugmom,

I believe they are just a server/hosting provider, so it could be any number of different things they host and not necessarily directly from the company, but one of their customers.

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I can say I saw some port scanning directly on IP addresses over Postfix/Dovecot service from SoftLayer recently on a few of my servers from some netsystemresearch.com too.

Rather, scanning internet like others do (shodan, stretchoid, etc.).

If you aren’t using their services, you are free to block their ASN by using Cloudflare, while for the direct server IP access/requests (like e-mail service), you would either need to find out their IP ranges to block them in iptables accessing your server IP address.

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