Why is only 3-4% of my site being cached

Hi all. Looking at my analytics, on average only 3-4% of my site is cached on a Cloudflare. Is it usually that low as I would have thought it would be a lot higher?

It really depends on a lot of different factors.

What type of content does your site have? How spread out is the traffic geographically? Do you have the correct cache headers on the files from the origin? How many visitors do you get? How many files are on the site? Have you enabled cache everything? I could go on…

And then we have this setting in Cloudflare of course

But that is unrelated to the caching percentage he is talking about…

not really. I thought that maybe he has this set to respect current header settings and if those are set to do not cache then changing this will indeed solve the problem.

anyways I believe that there is no problem with your website. This occours when you do not have many visitors. When crawlers crawl the website they do not cache information. At least this was the case with me. I had about 0.57-3% caching when my “human” visitors count was 0. But then it spiked when humans came on

No it won’t. That is a setting for the visitor’s browsers. If he increases that he will get less requests, but that doesn’t improve his cache to hit ratio. It’s unrelated.

Thanks so much for the responses guys!

My website is https://www.naughtybuttnice.co.uk/ It’s an ecommerce store, so I have a few blog posts and pages, but most of it is products. My traffic is mainly from UK and USA.

I’m not sure if I have the correct cache headers on the files from the origin. Everything I’ve done is all self taught, so I’m not super tech:-/

My site is still relatively new so only getting around 200visitors per month I think. I have around 600 products so far, all with multiples images etc so have quite a lot of files.

I have enabled cache everything as a page rule for my homepage as didnt think you could set that for the whole site…

Thanks again for your help, really appreciate it!

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