Why Is My Website Speed Still Low On CloudFlare (Takes my visitors 41.3 seconds to see content on my site)

Please why is my site speed performance still very low on Cloudflare? From my Cloudflare Overview Dashboard for Speed, I can see the following update for my site speed;

“Visitors to your website see content in 41.3 seconds on Cloudflare”.

So please, why does it still take my visitors longer time to see contents on my website, considering I am using Cloudflare’s Pro Plan, which should enhance my website speed.

Please, I need urgent recommendation from Cloudflare’s team on this.

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That’s so bad. Did you optimize it before using cloudflare?
Can you share domain name?
Trying to test it in Google Speed Insight or GTMetrix and try to fix some critical error.

@huyhoa here is the domain name fanslite.com

I dont think it take 41.3 seconds to load your site:

@huyhoa Okay, but that’s what I saw from my Cloudflare’s dashboard (Speed Overview)

I have

attached a screenshot for this.

Meanwhile, I am already using the Pro Plan of Cloudflare. And so please, how do I get Cloudflare’s CDN fully and actively working on my website?

As i know, both Free, Pro, Business, Enterprise included FREE CDN. And your site now on Cloudflare so, CDN was activated.

@huyhoa so please what do you have to say about the screenshot I shared which says that “Visitors to your website see content in 41.3 seconds on Cloudflare”?

That the performance tool only measures a single subdomain and doesn’t appear to have run correctly or the site was experiencing issues when it did. That utility is not a primary feature of Cloudflare, that’s just a ‘helpful’ tool which in this case isn’t actually terribly helpful.

@huyhoa provided links to tools designed to do testing.You should review those and improve your performance when/where needed. Does your page actually take 47 seconds to load when you visit it? What does your actual experience say about your website performance?


At the time of the testing on December 7th it took 40+ seconds for the server to respond. Since than you have activated APO which greatly improved TTFB once the page is cached. We are going to allow retesting of the site from dashboard soon, in the meantime I can trigger retesting for you.


@yevgen I know I just checked that today and not on 7th December. But if you say so, then go ahead and trigger retesting for me as you said. I need to be sure Cloudflare is giving me a good worth for my subscription. So please go ahead and refresh things and retest the site, let me see how the speed has improved with Cloudflare. Looking forward!

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Please check now, the tests are completed.

@huyhoa provided links to a couple of 3rd party tools and there are plenty of others. Those tools (most of which are free or have free tiers) have the ability to provide all kinds of interesting insights about performance and metrics.

I just tested your site with uptrends. I tested from NY and your site loads in 2,4 sec
regards flem

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1st of all you are on Bluehost, depending on the type of service or server can hinder your performance. This is not Cloudflare.
Also, you need to install other plugins for caching too. So there is a lot of parameters to consider hope that helps

I disagree partially. Caching is important, but for good WP performance you need one good caching plugin and as few plugins as you can get without site functionality taking a hit. Bluehost/Cloudflare is a good enough combination that the problem is likely on an individual’s setup.

That’s what I ment that you need a caching plugins. If you are on a shared server that overload that can hinder your performance. Also server location around the world too. That’s why I said there are a lot of parameters to consider. Hope that helps.

@yevgen I see. It’s better now. Thanks for your response!

Thanks everyone for your suggestion! Things seem better now. I appreciate your contributions.

@yevgen yea, check already. Things are better now. Thank you

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