Why is my website "ineligible for ssl"?


the short version: I installed Cloudflare to get a security certificate and apparently didn’t and don’t know why I didn’t nor what else I can do.

My website is bimshwel.com It is a stupid website. Its value is primarily personal to me. it does not sell merchandise, run any offsite scripts or ask viewers for any information unless they want to leave a comment, and only a name field is required to be filled in. Last year I discovered I couldn’t link to it from certain websites in Firefox and would get errors about invalid security or whatnot. My webhost, asmallorange, never said anything about this, and when I asked, graciously offered to SELL me security for a price close to what I pay them annually for the hosting and I don’t understand why my rate should go up so much so suddenly over I-don’t-know-what.
I refused to pay that and went on as I had because I was just too busy to deal with it but would mention it now and then. Eventually an unaffiliated person told me i could get a free security certificate through Cloudflare and indeed Cloudflare has always been THERE in my control panel to set up. So I did, two,threeish weeks ago, fairly easily. But nothing seemed to change, except that additionally I couldn’t log in via ftp anymore. I finally got an official threat from asmallorange disguised as an opportunity warning me to buy security from them before july 2019 because google chrome is going to start doing what firefox already does, like that’s my fault. Just today I found the Cloudflare section which tells me I am “ineligible for ssl.” That is all it says and none of the provided “help” even acknowledges such a thing can occur. Cloudflare never at any point indicated that it was just sitting there doing nothing because I had been declined for an unspecified reason. This whole business is a complete mystery to me and seems like it came out of nowhere.
Thank you for reading any of that if you did!

So it says “ineligible for SSL” in your CPanel? That will never show up on the actual Cloudflare website (https://dash.cloudflare.com) (Didn’t realize that was a thing).

My guess is that you have a pretty crappy hosting provider that doesn’t like how Cloudflare provides free SSL, which takes away from their profits. So, in turn, they probably modified the plugin to show that “ineligible for SSL” message while extorting you for an SSL certificate.

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thank you for replying!

It looks like that, unless I screwed up attaching an image here, and is indeed at the dash Cloudflare website.
I certainly suspect greed or at least apathy on my webhost’s part, but I suspect a lot of people of a lot of things.

Ok, my mistake. There’s still a chance this is the web hosts’ fault but now I doubt it.

Comodo has some restrictions on what TLDs it issues, as well as restrictions on certain keywords in the domain to prevent SSL being issued for trademarks/brand names.

See the following support article:

See the sections " You’ve signed up through a hosting provider and are at the free level of service" and " Your domain triggered a brand-check". Either way, you should login to Cloudflare and then contact Cloudflare Support.

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That’s a new one to me. It all looks US-based.

Did you set up Cloudflare for your domain through your hosting provider? Or did you do everything right here at Cloudflare? Right now, that site isn’t using Cloudflare at all. Not the name servers, or proxy services.

Does the Overview or DNS page give any indication that your site is inactive on Cloudflare?

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I did it through the cpanel that I have had since 2006 or so.

the overview seems to think i am doing just fine, and i assumed it just needed a few days to work!

This is a bit beyond my level of understanding, but as long as my web host is not deliberately trying to keep me from doing this, there is still hope for the matter! In fact I let myself be directed here while looking to contact the Cloudflare support, not wanting to make trouble over what might be an easy problem!

initiating the support process led me pretty quickly to this, which eventually comes to “file a support ticket” ! And then * A unique TXT record will be shown in the Overview section of your Cloudflare Dashboard as well as provided to you by your Cloudflare contact."
I see a strange string of numbers called “zone id.” I wonder if that is the same thing. The dns tab says “Include this TXT record in your DNS to verify ownership of the domain.” but doesn’t actually show anything.

Hi @loudsnail, you should contact support to get this ironed out. You’re on partial setup and the “get additional help” screen you posted is basically prompting you to complete a CNAME setup which will involve “A unique TXT record will be shown in the Overview section of your Cloudflare Dashboard as well as provided to you by your Cloudflare contact.”, This tip,Community Tip - Best Practices For CNAME setup / Partial setup, has some suggestions for when you file the ticket. Once you file the ticket, your support engineer will give you the code (Also, the reason support exists is for you to file tickets, please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime you need assistance)

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That seems to imply I need to be a paying member, which I am not, but I will try it anyway! I read the “get additional help” recommendation as “you’d better not file this ticket until you read and comprehend all this other stuff!” For some reason my mind imagines it is better to waste the time of casual users on a forum than somebody who has the specific job of having to deal with these things, but it is becoming silly!

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Not at all, free support is included with our free account, the team will walk you through how to add the code they give you as a txt record to your DNS records. Feel free to ask them questions along the way if anything they say is not clear, they’re there to help.

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