Why is my site so slow to open! Please Help

I recently registered in (Cloudflare) when I open my site for the first time, it takes about 10 seconds to open, but when I re-enter the site again and directly, it opens quickly and within one second !, and The problem is when I turn off the laptop and re-enter my site, the same problem is repeated! What is the reason and what is the solution?

Slow TTFB is due to a slow server response from your host. Your browser probably caches that page, but if you reboot, or otherwise clear your browser cache, you start over.

What’s the domain?

my domain is: www.aziermotivation.com

so what i should do sir? how can i solve it?

The delay is coming from the server, and the site is pretty heavy (lots of resources…many from external services).

For example, the blog page is empty, yet is 500k and takes 1.5 seconds for TTFB, and nearly 3 seconds to fully load.

The three things that will speed up your site are:

  1. Optimize your WordPress site. There are many tutorials out there for this.
  2. Reduce third party resources (anything that doesn’t come from your domain)
  3. Get a better server configuration (more powerful with local caching).

If you want a little boost from Cloudflare, you can cache specific pages with a Page Rule like this:
Match: aziermotivation.com/ and add Settings: Cache Level (Cache Everything), and Edge Cache TTL (1 day, or your choice)

Just don’t browse your site as admin because Cloudflare will cache that view. It won’t give anybody admin access, but it just doesn’t look nice for them to see non-functional (for them) admin links.

thank you so much!
sir, what’s you email, can i contact you please.

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