Why is my redirect not working?

I have created a redirect for my domain using the redirect option in the “Rules” menu option on the left. I set it so that the domain, whats next vista . com (since I can’t figure out this "backtick BS!!!) would redirect to the target domain. Instead, when I enter the whatsnextvista address, I get a 404? Please. help!

You don’t have a DNS record for whatsnextvista.com.

As you are redirecting, create a dummy proxied record for @ using A or AAAA 100::.

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To clarify, I need the root and www versions of the domain to go to the redirect, so, I will use your method of the dummy, proxied a record.

I also need to create subdomains to use for other webpages. Is that still possible if Im redirecting the root domain here?

Yes, just point your subdomains the at the real A/AAAA IP addresses or CNAMEs for wherever they are hosted.


You rock!!!

By the way, I always choose to turn off proxy. I was told to do this. Why is proxy important here for the redirect?

Also, I did the a record and now the Cloudflare notes above my dns records is telling me to add something for the www. Is there a dummy record for that one?

If you disable the proxy, Cloudflare’s DNS returns the IP address of your server so any user requests will go direct to your server and not pass through Cloudflare at all.

When the proxy is enabled, Cloudflare returns Cloudflare IP addresses to users and so can receive your site requests and protect or redirect them before passing them on to your server.

Cloudflare can’t redirect a request (or apply any other features and protections) if traffic doesn’t pass through the proxy. However, some hosts require the IP address/CNAME from DNS to resolve to their own so in some instances the proxy can’t be used.


Great explanation!!

What do I do for the dummy info for the www version of the domain Im redirecting?

You can CNAME it to your domain (as that’s being redirected as well) or just use the A/AAAA dummy value again.

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