Why is my ping times to slow and inconsistent?


What about

traceroute -d


Your ISP does not seem to be very traceroute friendly, so that output is unfortunately pretty useless.

It shows however that requests typically linger around 50 milliseconds. Did you check whether the 100+ requests are regular or maybe a temporary glitch back when you tested it?

In any case, this is most likely an issue with your ISP and out of Cloudflare’s control.

Wow, thanks sir for your kind help! Is it normal that tracerouts time out until the 9th time?

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Define normal :smile:

It should not be, but it does happen with some ISPs. Are you by any chance on a mobile connection?

No, we are Comcast cable with a 95Mbps connection down and about 15 up. Here are some more ping times to CloudFlares secondary server I just took.


You could drop Cloudflare’s support an email but I dont think they’ll be able to do much about that. The best contact would be your ISP, but I presume they wont care much.

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Thanks, I just pinged and I am also getting some pretty inconsistent ping times there as well so maybe it is a network equipment issue or an ISP issue. Thanks for your help