Why is my page not secure

Hi, again.

I am trying to connect some pages from Groovefunnels here on Cloudflare and I have a problem with the page not being secure, which I dont understand as the SSL should be fine. I did change the SSL/TLS encryption mode to full (strict) but when the page wont show at all. If I the the SSL/TLS encryption mode to Full then it will show but its not secure…

What am I missing here??

Thank you

Can you share your domain and a URL where you see this? Without knowing more, it sounds like you might be running into Mixed Content caused by your website loading things over HTTP, causing browsers to flag your site as insecure.

the domain is: Inherentbirth com

the link is: member inherentbirth com (sorry but Im not able to post links for some reason)

the ssf enc. mode is not on Full as Im not able to see the page on Full (strict)

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