Why is my new provider's IP redirected to CloudFlare?

Why are multiple sites redirecting me to CloudFlare on my fiber optic provider’s IP? Instagram rejects my entry, and TikTok does not play videos until I turn off the router’s WiFi, once I enter with mobile data from Movistar Argentina, I can reconnect WiFi. Problem IP:

May I ask are you using Cloudflare DNS (or maybe Cloudflare Family)?

Have you tried clearing your Web browser cache?

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Hello, no, I do not have any version of Cloudflare, what happens is that due to the IP of my fiber optic provider, they prevent me from entering many sites, Instagram directly rejects my entry.

And to clear cache I use Bleachbit. Thanks

I am really sorry to hear that :roll_eyes:

In the meanwhile, have you tried to check if some other ports (for example Skype, web, etc. ) are too being blocked, if so (just in case for further possible scenarios)?

May I ask you to post a screenshot of, what error or what Website as “default page” you get, if possible?

Thanks for feedback. I have to admit I am not familiar with it, rather I think it’s something like CCleaner? or some other app (which I used) and if that so, I could know the results of using it.

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