Why is my new PFP completely white?

Ok so I just changed my PFP to the picture below!

But as clearly seen, my CCFP (Cloudflare Community Profile Picture) is nothing but white!

Why is this? Is it because the size (not in terms of the size file) is incorrect?

Is it due to the colors?

What is going on?

Is it not rendering correctly?

Can someone help me?

I can perfectly see it. Try re-logging to your account, or re-open your browser.

Ok, I’ll do that now!

I tried logging out; and the problem presists! I’ll attempt to try it in incognito mode later!

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Why can I see it when clicking my PFP, but not otherwise? WTH is going on???

Ok, so I just realized my PFP was white!

The dark mode seemed was throwing everything off, and I can now clearly see mp PFP

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