Why is my gtmetrix "wait" so high?

I have multiples sites on Cloudflare, including 3 on the Professional Plan.

Testing on gtmetrix, most of these sites resolve in ~200ms with ~62ms as “waiting”

The slow site resolves in ~653ms with ~500ms as “waiting”.

Example of site performing well: EXAMPLE

The site performing slow: EXAMPLE 2

I added Argo and other Cloudflare speed optimizations. The site itself is not fully optimized yet, but is pretty light weight.

My primary goal is to reduce the DNS resolve and wait time. What is happening with this domain and how can I fix it?

Thank you.

“Waiting” is not DNS related, but your webserver takes that time to respond. Your DNS resolution is just fine. Overall your site loads fine.

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Thank you.

My sites have a similar setup: WordPress on WPEngine.

What are some reasons that sites would have a different “waiting” time from the web server? Or how could I investigate this?

Again, your loading time is okay. But if you want to optimise something you will have to do this on your server.

653ms is very high, and even 200ms is relatively high. Where are you located, and what datacenter are you reaching? If you go to https://cloudflare.com/cdn-cgi/trace, the datacenter is the colo parameter. Also, what’s your DNS server set to? Does the problem persist if you switch to

I am near Toronto, but gtmetrix.com tests from Vancouver, Canada as the default.

I tested both of the example sites (and others) with gtmetrix.

From the URL you sent, here is the response;

uag=Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10.11; rv:71.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/71.0

I can only see limited results for GTmetrix without registering, but I tested it with my own site and got results that were 4-5 times slower than what we see with RUM. I would disregard any timings you get from them. The total load time was far slower than we see even for users on 2G; there’s clearly something wrong on their end.

thank you for having a look

FWIW the actual visitor experience of teambuilding.com seems significantly slower than museumhack.com, but I’ll keep optimizing and see if I can close the gap.

For “waiting”? What makes you think so?

As mentioned before, the site appears to load fine and in less than three seconds.

Those were DNS times; waiting was separate.

That site is definitely wonky with its timings. The timings they’re reporting for my site are worse than rural DSL or 2G.

They were neither when I initially checked nor are they now, so if they were DNS timings in your case that must have been a temporary glitch.

DNS works just fine, this half a second is what it takes the site to return the document.

I was just basing it on the info listed in the first post. I’m still getting ridiculous timings when testing my own site, so I’m not sure what’s up.

Even if I’m just misinterpreting the first post, 0.6 sec would be a ridiculous TTFB for a simple site anyway.

That information does not appear to be accurate as I addressed in my first response.

Somewhat higher but I wouldnt call it ridiculous. The whole site loads relatively swiftly and we definitely had worse examples on the forum. But, again, thats something the OP will need to work on on his server if he believes it still is too slow.

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