Why is my domain's email working but not A records?

I have two sites DNS managed on my cloudflare account, one is working fine, the other isn’t.

The working one is mybrand-a.uk domain registered through namecheap, only has a website (CNAME record proxied to tunnel), which is working fine with caching and is proxied through the said tunnel.

The second one is a mybrand-b.technology domain i registered through google cloud domain. I already configured email through cloudflare dashboard DNS, and the email sending / receiving is working fine.
But when trying to tunnel it to get the website running, using same method as for mybrand-a.uk, i am getting “DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.” To test the same tunnel, i also tested with testsubdomain.mybrand-a.uk - which worked, but mybrand-b.technology didn’t work

To try and figure out what is the issue, i put up a nginx server with static site running on port 80 of an IP address on a cloud server - accessible through IP, and configured A record to point to said ip, however it is still giving me same DNS error.

Here is a screenshot, and testingsavar A record which is not working. it was updated more than 24 hours ago now.

Any ideas on what is happening? What can i do to get the DNS to point to the ip and get it working?

You have a DNSSEC issue. Turn off DNSSEC at your registrar or copy the DS records from Cloudflare to your registrar…

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