Why is my domain unavailable for transfer to CF?

You currently have no domains available for transfer to Cloudflare.

The following domain is unavailable for transfer:

Privacy is off, domain is unlocked.

Does your TLD appear on this list?

No, it’s a .com

.com domains are supposed (they’re on that list).

Can you please provide the domain so we can check if it’s locked? Alternatively, you can check here and tell us what it says: ICANN Lookup

You’re looking for Domain Status section.

webbrewers dot com

That domain does not appear to be using Cloudflare. It’s using GoDaddy name servers, and points to what looks like iFastNet hosting.

Yes, that’s why my question is: " Why is my domain unavailable for transfer to CF?"

Your domain has to be using Cloudflare nameservers before you can transfer it. Your domain is not using Cloudflare nameservers, so you cannot transfer it to Cloudflare registrar at this time. If you want to transfer the registration to Cloudflare, change your nameservers as directed.

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It is also worth mentioning that domains registered at Cloudflare Registrar must use Cloudflare’s name servers. You cannot change your name servers back to GoDaddy’s once you’ve transferred the domain.


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