Why is my domain .NET "Ineligible for SSL"?


got some trouble configuring free SSL on this domain:

Maybe is .net TLD not supported?

Any hint? Thanks in advance

You seem to be on a partner setup. Is that right? In that case it might depend on your host.

Hi Sandro, thanks for response.

what do you mean for partner setup?
Yes, I am on an external hosting managing my DNS.

Maybe some DNS settings are wrong?

A partner setup is when you havent signed up with Cloudflare yourself, but through your host. That seems to be the case with your domain. In that case your host should be the first point of contact. Also, you do not seem to have a proper certificate on your naked domain, which is not behind Cloudflare.

DNS should be fine, apart from the naked domain not proxied, but that is typical with partner setups. Overall it might be a better choice to disable the partner setup and sign up with Cloudflare directly.

Thanks for explanation, but some other point is obscure for me now.

I have a free plan with my domain registered on another hosting:

but in the past I configured many other SSL on other domains.

Maybe do I need to install i.e Let’s Encrypt on my website first? Whats the missing point?

The issue here is that your setup is not a full setup and that might affect the certificate too. Contact your host, being a partner they should know what to do.


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