Why is my DNS information exposed publicly

Why is my DNS information still exposed publicly even after switching to Cloudflare’s DNS servers? I thought Cloudflare was supposed to hide private information. How can I ensure that my DNS information is kept private? Thanks

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In order for DNS to work it has to be public. What specific information are concerned about?

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@epic.network For example, if i am using a website like host io and researching my domain name i am getting information like:

Registrar company name
DNS records of the registrar
Co-hosted sites which expose other assets of our company

The name of your registrar can’t be private because ICANN won’t allow it to be nor is that a function of the DNS provider.

DNS information. If your DNS records at the registrar were private your DNS would cease to function… hidden DNS records at the registrar would require a magic beans upgrade to function.

I have no idea what a co-hosted site is or how it would expose other assets of your company, but Cloudflare only obfuscates the origin for proxied records. To obscure non-proxied records would require the same magic beans upgrade as hiding the DNS entries at your registrar.


For more information on how Cloudflare works and how to secure your origins these resources are a great place to start.

Protect your origin server · Cloudflare Fundamentals docs.

Proxy status · Cloudflare DNS docs.


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