Why is my DNS address resolving to a different address?


I found this morning that my domain name kurtisadigba.com is resolving to a different DNS address than the one on my hosting.

I have set it up correctly on CF as A record and CNAME but it’s not resolving to the correct DNS address.

But the site has been working fine before now, I have no idea what went wrong and because of this error, I can’t renew my SSL certificate for the site plus this different DNS issue has been showing up days before the SSL expired; as I was trying to renew it, it kept saying the DNS address is different.

Please help!


EDIT: I was able to resolve the issue by changing the Proxy status for the A record from “proxied” to “DNS Only” and everything is working fine now. :slight_smile:

EDIT 2: After renewing my SSL certificate (I’m using Bitnami stack on Google Cloud Platform), I revert the proxy status to proxied and my site is still working fine.

The reason for the difference in DNS is because of the article explained here. Proxied is better than DNS except if you know what you’re doing.