Why is my cf-cache-status returning BYPASS

Given the following page rule

  • URL = peterlesliemorris.com/*
  • Auto Minify = HTML + CSS + JS
  • Rocket Loader = Enabled
  • Browser cache TTL = a day
  • Cache level = Cache everything
  • Edge cache TTL = a month

Why is it that the following URL gives me a cf-cache-status : BYPASS - can anyone tell me, please?


Well that link gives me hit

How odd, now it is.

If you look at https://peterlesliemorris.com there are a number of requests that all return BYPASS. Can you see those too? If so, please consider my question in relation to those :slight_smile:

I am getting miss so eventually it will be hit. If you are using chrome network tab, uncheck the disable cache on top so that might help

I think you meant to temporarily check the Disable cache option, didn’t you?

Anyway, that seems to have worked. I think I was looking at a local cache of an earlier result.

Thank you very much for your time, I appreciate it!

You got it. Happy to help you

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