Why is my apache server showing only http 1.1 requests?

Hello , my Apache web server (2.4.59) only shows HTTP 1.1 requests. I have HTTP 2 enabled in Cloudflare (as well as HTTP 3 with QUIC). i have tested my website with an HTTP 2 tester and it says it’s “supported” , ALPN extension is supported too. i checked that its HTTP 1.1 in apache status in whm/cpanel. I run LSAPI as a php handler and FPM is disabled. thank you for the help.

If your site is proxied, external tests will show HTTP/2 to Cloudflare.

Make sure you have enabled HTTP/2 to origin in Cloudflare as well, and that your Apache server is configured for HTTP/2 (mod_http2 installed and enabled, Protocols h2 http/1.1 in your config, etc).

Do you have an example config for the virtual host file (httpd) i can use with my VPS? All i hopefully would have to do is add the syntax to the httpd file…and restart apache , as i have mod_http2 installed and running as well…thank you

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