Why is my A record not working for my VPN UDP

I created an A record to forward a subdomain to my local IP. When I try to connect via my IP everything works fine but when I try to connect via my subdomain I get a timeout. Is there something special I have to do for UDP when using A records?

For UDP to work you need to make the DNS record :grey: as Cloudflare doesn’t’t not proxy UDP.

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Interesting so does this mean nothing can be proxied? Does it mean I lose the security I gain from Cloudflare?

No. Cloudflare’s primary purpose is to proxy websites (HTTP/S). You can proxy other traffic if you use Spectrum or Tunnels.

Sure I guess what I meant was that if I remove the proxy for a domain does that mean that domain is not being handled by CF? Or do I get the same protection still?

I will look into those other topics thank you!

Proxied records are generally single-protocol to a single endpoint. If you need a different service, it would have to go on a different hostname.

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