Why is Multi-User not tied to CF Teams Access?

If all the legwork has already been done for managing SSO and groups etc. It seems like a no-brainer to connect CF Teams Access to Cloudflare dashboard itself.
Right now, it’s extremely confusing. The first place I think to add members to the account is by going to teams, and trying to search for anything related to access controls, yields nothing but results about Teams Access.
This is the only thing keeping me from being able to convince the company I work for, to move everything to cloudflare. Our IT team is small enough that we can live without fine-grained access controls for now, but for compliance reasons, we’re really supposed to have everything using SSO. Even if it was an add-on, it would make it a much easier sell to management.

It sounds like you are talking about two different areas for SSO with Cloudflare. Enterprise customers can use SSO for the Dashboard by contacting their CSM. I have used this with Azure AD for a few years without issue. It is lacking some features, such as SCIM and account level API tokens. But you will probably not have too many users and changes for that to be a major issue.

Teams and Access supports self service setup of IDPs as you are aware, but that grants no access to the CF dashboards.

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