Why is it that almost every post I make that contains a "watched" word gets censored?

Ok, I’m not mad or anything (I’m just rather confused)!

I can have a post with one bad word…

The result: “Post hidden by community flags

But there are posts that can 3 watched words and they are still up!


Seriously, even in the preview there are already 2 watched words and the post is extremely offensive!

So tell me please: Why is it if I say one bad word, my post is hidden?

I mean, I understand I’ve been a member for over a year but new/all users should be held to the same standards to keep the community fair!

I mean, use of language from time to time (as long as it is being used in an informational context) I think is ok, but if it’s being used in a threatening, harassing, or offensive manner then it’s not ok!

Is that why every post that I make that contains swearing is hidden? - I’ve been a member for over a year, and sometimes use it too much.

If not, then why?

No, it’s (mostly) not the swearing. It’s the fact that some of your posts:

  • ping random employees
  • are off-topic or otherwise unrelated to the topic
  • distract from the actual question

In general posts are not flagged if they provide or ask the user for helpful info, and I’d encourage you to consider if your post adds to the discussion and topic before you post it to reduce the number of your posts that are flagged. :slightly_smiling_face:

One more thing: you can tell why a post has been flagged by reading the blue banner across the top.


I think you should rather take care of you own business rather than playing the role of an innocent victim and projecting your fault on others.

Moreover, hCaptcha has way improved since then and I do prefer them now over any other, maybe my complaint along many others has helped in this regard.

Swearing does not mean a post isn’t honest, and vice versa, thanks.


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