Why is it taking so long to resolve my name server issue?

Hi, there!

I recently transferred my domain to Cloudflare thinking it would be a better experience than my previous registrar. At the same time, my Cloudflare servers changed (I deleted my account trying to fix something else and didn’t know they would change when I added my site back) and now my domain isn’t pointing to the right Cloudflare server but Cloudflare doesn’t let you change your name servers for the domain. My site has been down for over 24 hours now because the domain is still pointing to the old servers Cloudflare assigned me. I was told in response to my ticket that an engineer is going to review my account but I haven’t received any updates or an estimate of when I can expect this fixed. Is there no way to have Cloudflare re-assign me the servers I had previously on my account? If not, should it really take this long to change the name servers on my domain to these new Cloudflare servers? I get I’m not a Buisness/Enterprise level client but it’s surprising to see such a slow response and to not receive updates - I just really want my site live again.

Thanks for the help!

What is the ticket number for the problem? That issue requires one, as we customers can’t do anything.

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It’s my understanding that the nameservers are anycasted and the names aren’t 100% critical. In fact I have deployed once inadvertently using the wrong nameservers at my registrar, and it worked.

Just now I used the dig tool to direct queries to “alfred.ns.cloudflare.com” even though my site uses “cheryl.ns.cloudflare.com”, and the query was answered successfully.

Does your Cloudflare zone have all the required DNS records installed?

Can you update your domain registry info to use the correct name servers?

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Hi @Alex_Edwards, sorry for the issues. What nameservers are associated with your account? I see chloe & michael atm.

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My domain is set to mario and zelda but my account was assigned new nameservers which are the chloe and michael ones. Since I can’t directly edit my name servers in Cloudflare I can’t update them to chloe and michael. Thanks, @cloonan!

ok, the team set them to chloe and michael and that’s what I’m seeing on dig & whois. Propagation looked 70% complete when I checked earlier, site still offline.

Thank you SO much for the update, @cloonan! I really appreciate the help :pray: Thank you @matteo and @joshua.becigneul, as well!