Why is it so difficult to use Stream. I now can confirm we've been invoiced for it

How does one set up Stream on their cloudflare account?

To be more clear, Im just seeing the same payment portal when i click on Stream in the navigation. Im not seeing any settings for this

Can you post a screenshot of what you see?

This is what I see when I click Stream on the left-hand nav

Hey @randall4,

Are you not able to select the payment plan and start using the service?

Thank you.

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Basically, I can see that the $5 is paid now in the Billing area but when I click on “Stream”, I still see the screenshot I provided. What else can I do?

Hi @randall4,

I can confirm the invoice has been confirmed under your account but the Subscription is not being applied correctly:

We have been having trouble with the Billing system upgrade and it seems you have been affected.
There is nothing Community can help in this case.

I have opened a ticket: 3250605.

Please follow up via ticket for this trouble.
Thank you.

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