Why is it only Under Attask Mode (with waiting page) that protects?

Why is it only Under Attask Mode that protects?
If you just turn on High Mode, then the processor (100%) lays down in moment.

Competitors know how to make defense without “waiting redirecting page”.

This is lose of traffic too.
What can be done?

You can also use Firewall Rules for a more aggressive defense with hCAPTCHA.

I think he is referring to competitors using invisible protection rather than a “fancy loading” page.
I’m not sure why this is not an option on paid plans, there is certainly a forced delay on the 5s page that only affects legit visitors and feels like an advertising campaign that has been on the air for way too long.

@Reggy your only option in this case, as far as I know, is to rely on rate-limiting, or deliver a challenge to problematic regions/isps. Ultimately if this is a deal-breaking for you, you could consider using other alternative other than Cloudflare but beware that the 5s loading page is not the most effective approach to stop an attack, doesn’t matter the provider, javascript challenges are only good for dummy attacks.


On the contrary, I wanted to facilitate access to the site for real users.
Remove waiting page.
I know another services, who filter traffic withot captcha or waiting pages.
Cloudflare can’t do that?

Be advised that those providers that advertise invisible protection will eventually increase their challenges up to captcha if their system determines its required. Invisible protection is only invisible because its a light weight js page that doesn’t take too long to be executed/downloaded (this is bound to simplify things, not a very strong protection).

Before using cloudflare we relied on a competitor that had “invisible protection” and upon receiving multiple attacks, they permanently enabled captcha for all our visitors.

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They use whole world ip’s, tens millions of requests per day.
I blocked entire regions.
And if /off Under Attack Mode server down in second.

ok, thank.
We will wait for more answers. I would like to hear the official opinion.

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