Why is css applied late?

Hi… My Web is static (generated by a plugin from a Wordpress site made with Divi) It happens that first loads the header and title without css and a fraction of a second later the css is applied. Is there anything I can do in the Cloudflare configuration so that the header and title are loaded with the styles applied from the first moment?


You need to put the CSS high in the page before the content. If your CSS is in the footer, then it will be applied after the first paint.

Hi… The page was created using Divi and <link rel=“stylesheet” is in the header as you can see: Solución a La Crisis De Consciencia Económica (solucionalacrisiseconomica.com)


Sorry, I’ve taken a look and even with cache disabled, I cannot reproduce.

In my experience the load is correct on the mobile (I think the browser is Safari) and the error occurs on the desktop, with Edge, Chrome, and Firefox… as you can see in the attached image.

What device and browser have you tested with?


I heard in a webinar that the cause of this incident is usually in the hosting. It’s possible?

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