Why is Cloudflare supporting terrorists?

thedonald.win is hosted by Cloudflare. These are Trump insurrectionists why is Cloudflare allowing them to host their website and potentially organize more violence in the future?

Cloudflare is not a web host and has no control over the content that is displayed on a website. If you feel that a site is engaging in illegal or inappropriate activities you can submit an abuse report, at cloudflare.com/abuse. The Trust and Safety team will then review the details and reply if appropriate. You can also report the site to your relevant local authorities.

This website had a pivotal role in the attacks on the Capitol. I have reported it to Trust and Safety. Why has Cloudflare not done anything?

The advice you were given still applies and if and when Cloudflare will follow up on that is up to the responsible team. A site won’t be taken offline because of someone felt like it and filed a report but because of potential violations of terms or illegal activities and that is solely up to Cloudflare and courts.