Why is cloudflare sleeping on the gaming community with warp+?

I couldn’t really find a better forum to post this in. I couldn’t find a marketing email address or anything like that so I’m posting it here.

I live in Hawaii, and usually I have to suffer with ■■■■ latency to game servers since they’re almost entirely hosted on the mainland. There’s a big fat 75-80ms delay between my home in Honolulu and the datacenter where the competitive FPS game I like to play hosts their servers.

For years I’ve searched high and low for a VPN product that has an ingest point in Honolulu that might help my latency a little bit, none to ever be found.

Late last year however, I come across Cloudflare warp, and going by the description I thought I should try it out. And lo and behold, warp+ lowers my round trip latency from 80ms down to 62. Huge difference.

There are VPN products out there that advertise improving the route to the game servers that cost far more than Cloudflare warp and either don’t work at all or barely work in comparison to what Cloudflare would be able to provide.

Why do I not see any advertising for Cloudflare GAMING XCELERATOR9000+ anywhere? You guys are sleeping hard on this. You could have a massive paying customer base of gamers that are looking to lower their ping times even just a tiny bit if you’d let them know you can actually provide that service.

Many factors can affect a website’s speed (latency) including

  • High traffic
  • Active DDOS attack
  • Active HTTPS flood (which is a type of DDOS attack)
  • Poor internet connection
  • Unstable internet connection
  • Misconfiguration of a setting by the site owner

All of those can cause performance issues, and the problem may NOT be with CF!

So you did get an improvement? Great!
I can’t speak for why CF aren’t pushing ads to the gaming community but if using Warp has improved your ping times that is awesome.


Yeah! It’s literally the only thing that’s EVER made a difference haha!

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