Why is Cloudflare showing up when my website loads. I don't have an account

Over the last week or so I have been noticing Cloudflare on the company website that I manage. We don’t have an account to my knowledge. I have tried contacting support, but it is impossible to contact anyone at Cloudflare without having an account and domain setup first…

Any suggestions on how I can get someone to tell me how Cloudflare was installed on our website, domain, host, etc. I have looked and cant figure out how it is installed.


In what way is Cloudflare “on the company website”?

Can you give the website URL?

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Cloudflare isn’t “installed” on a website, per se, but rather implemented via DNS. Most likely this means that your domain admin has designated Cloudflare as the authoritative name server for the domain (or subdomain) in question. You can verify this by looking at the NS record for your domain using a site like Google’s online Dig: https://toolbox.googleapps.com/apps/dig/#NS.

If the results returned include [randomname].ns.cloudflare.com, then congratulations - you’re using Cloudflare and didn’t even know it.

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So after further research, there is an A record WWW on our domain that points to a cloudflare IP address…so that would mean someone did redirect our website there.

I will have to keep searching to see who set that up without my knowledge.

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