Why is Cloudflare serving requests over HTTP/1.1?

I have been using Cloudflare for years now, but recently I noticed that requests for my domain (androidsage.com) are been served over HTTP/1.1; in Cloudflare analytics. I thought it may have been some bug, but now it’s over 19% !
Edit: Screenshot: http://prnt.sc/yh5rcp
This is unusual because all of my traffic was served over HTTP/2 and only a fraction was served over HTTP/1.1. I believe HTTP/2 is more secure and encrypted.
Note: I have an SSL certificate on my server.
Note 2: Also using Cloudflare APO.

Secondly, even though the HTTP/3 option is disabled (unavailable) in the Cloudflare dashboard, the traffic is being served over HTTP/3.
Why is this happening? Could you please fix this?
I may potentially be losing traffic because of this.

Isn’t it like HTTP and not-secure? I may be wrong on this one but I used to get like less than 1% of traffic through HTTP/1.1. I am also seeing a drop in traffic and revenue. I just want to make sure its not because of this.

Could be because of using “Flexible SSL” option, meaning that the origin is serving requests via HTTP 1/1 and the Cloudflare servers to the visitor as HTTP/2?

Moreover, connections from Cloudflare’s Edge to your origin server(s) only support HTTP/1.1 as far as I remebmer correctly.

More about it here:

To determine the protocol used when you access your website, enter www.androidsage.com/cdn-cgi/trace from a web browser.

HTTP/3 is under maintenance and development, that’s why it is turned off currently.

See more information here:

And due to the HTTP/3 yesterday I saw this:

No need to worry about losing your traffic.


Short answer: Because the requestor only uses HTTP/1.1.


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