Why is cloudflare IP attacking me?

Cloudflare IP has been accessing my VPN server since a few days ago.
The server is not related to Cloudflare at all, and it is a server that Cloudflare does not need to access.

Even if a DrDdos attack occurs, it should be the origin ip of the reflector, not the Cloudflare ip.

why Cloudflare ip scan me?
A large number of abuse reports are registered when the corresponding IP is searched for in abuse ip.

And the supposed Cloudflare IP is…?

You can easily block Cloudflare using the IP address lists they publish. cloudflare.com/ips

There are several reasons you might legitimately see a Cloudflare IP address connecting to your VPN. For example, users using products like iCloud Private Relay and Cloudflare Warp will appear as a Cloudflare IP address. Somebody may have configured your IP address in a DNS record (either deliberately or accidentally).

If these are HTTP requests, you will be able to see the relevant domain in the HTTP Host header, and you will see the users real IP in the CF-Connecting-IP header.

If you feel that a user is engaging in illegal or inappropriate activities, you can submit an abuse report at cloudflare.com/abuse.


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