Why is cloudflare billing support ignoring me?

I purchased a domain from CF on the 5th December at 10:19PM GMT. I emailed billing support on the 6th at 6:50am about the deletion, they responded few hours later asking for some documents which i submitted few hours after i saw the email.

See first ticket here https://i.imgur.com/XiMCDD7.png
Follow up ticket https://i.imgur.com/lUmmlVU.png

Ulrik Aurelius Alaric Theonestus Ørum-Skov (Billing Specialist and Registrar specialist on the Cloudflare Billing Team) responded that they will get back to me. 3 days later i didn’t hear from them so i created another support request only for the same person Ulrik Aurelius Alaric Theonestus Ørum-Skov to respond few minutes later that i should submit the same documents they asked me to submit earlier.

I referenced him to the previous ticket where i submitted those documents and since then he hasn’t responded to my ticket again.

This is the worse support i have ever experienced in my whole life on the web. I had similar issue few years back at Namecheap and it was solved in less than 10mins when i reached out to their support

Sorry for the delay and I see the team has engaged with you on the ticket. Let us know if you need anything further

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