Why is Cloudflare asking me to add a site?

I don’t have a site and I DON’T need a site. The only thing I need is to use the DNS free service with DOH encryption. I created an account, I don’t have a site. What’s the story with this web site, tunnel and all this?

What exactly are you referring to?

You don’t need a Cloudflare account if you’re referring to the consumer WARP/ app so I’m confused as to what you’re attempting to use.

Cloudflare Tunnels are made to tunnel hostnames to internal services so of course that’d require a site.

I’m trying to configure pihole for Cloudflare with DOH. Check here

[type or paste code here](https://developers.cloudflare.com/

and this are the directions from pihole

[type or paste code here](https://docs.pi-hole.net/guides/dns/cloudflared/)

But the old method presented in this last link does not work anymore, because now you have to have and account and a tunnel apparently

What command are you running?

I can run cloudflared proxy-dns just fine.

cloudflared service install --legacy
this command does not work. it says legacy is not a good switch
cloudflared service install
this command asks to have a tunnel and user account

I’m guessing that the PiHole docs are out of date. The manual way should still work.

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