Why is cloudflare all of a sudden blocking requests but it's also returning 200?

When I run “curl https://panel.bluefoxhost.com” on my dedis, cloudflare seems to block the request. I even opened up post man on my desktop at home and it’s still seems to be blocking it. Check the attachment in this ticket to see what is being returned. It’s also doing this for https://dash.bluefoxhost.com

I am able to view https://dash.bluefoxhost.com and https://panel.bluefoxhost.com in my browser fyi

When you get a 200, Cloudflare shouldn’t have blocked anything.

If Cloudflare has actually blocked something, this will be in this case most likely because of one of your security settings and will be fired because cURL is not a regular browser. Check out your firewall event log. There you should be able to find why it was blocked and make the necessary adjustments to your settings.

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I checked the firewall log and there is legit nothing in it. I don’t understand why this is happening.

If you got a 200, Cloudflare didn’t block it. Plus your event log does not show anything.

Maybe your server blocks something, check your logs for that.

What’s the output of this?

curl -i https://panel.bluefoxhost.com/

Also try to set the panel record to :grey: and check if it then works. If it does, your server might block Cloudflare’s addresses. cloudflare.com/ips must not be blocked.

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