WHY is Cloudfare in my technology profile

Can anyone tell me why Cloudfare is even involved with my website? I have a WP site hosted on PowWeb. The reason I am digging is because the site is horribly slow and I would like to find out why. When I entered it into BuiltWith, I saw Cloudfare in the detailed tech profile. I also see that my IP address is shared with hundreds of others including a lot of porn, junk and spam sites. Could this have anything to do with my site’s load time? Can I switch off CLoudfare or is this something with my ISP?

What is your domain? We can take a look at how Cloudflare is involved with your site.

It may be that you are on some kind of partner setup with your host.

The IP address will be a Cloudflare IP and shouldn’t affect you, being used for other sites as well.

Cloudflare shouldn’t slow down your site, it actually speeds up most.

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Do you use anything from cdnjs.com?

Could the BuiltWith plugin be registering a resource from there, like https://cdnjs.Cloudflare.com/ajax/libs/jquery/3.2.1/jquery.min.js as built with Cloudflare?

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Not that I know of.

I do not see Cloudflare listed? bellydancebodyandsoul.com Technology Profile

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select the “detailed technology profile” tab for more…

Cloudfare hosting is listed right next to PowWeb hosting, and I know I dont have two hosts. So, did some Fiverr tech sign the site up for the free Cloudfare? In any case, I dont know if it is part of the problem, but I’m deconstructing the site to find out why it chokes on page load. Its very slow!

Looking at your DNS, I don’t see any connection between Cloudflare and your domain.

Your domain doesn’t seem to be set up with Cloudflare as far as I can tell.

Where do you see the Cloudflare IP address for your site you mentioned?

Also, Cloudflare isn’t a host, it doesn’t host your web content.

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go to Detailed Lookup
and select the “detailed technology profile” tab at the top.
Then scroll down and you’ll see Cloudfare Hosting and Cloudfare SSL.
Also, click the “Relationship Profile” tab and you’ll see the IP address and how it is shared with a gazillion other sites all over the world - but dont click! its mostly porn!

PS, where did you look at my DNS?

I do not see any file hosted via CDNJS on your homepage, but that is listed directly below Cloudflare on BuiltWith… Which as I mentioned, CDNJS does use Cloudflare… So it would appear one of the files or resources on your website is hosted on Cloudflare… but your website itself is not hosted via Cloudflare and Cloudflare would really have nothing to do with your problem…

As far as your IP being shared with junk and spam sites, that IP is from PowWeb, so you would have to take it up with them.


You can use the command line, or a tool like

That tool is what I just used as I am on mobile, if you were on a full Cloudflare setup, entering yourdomain.com would show Cloudflare nameservers and if you were set up through your host, entering www.yourdomain.com would show Cloudflare records.

Your domain doesn’t appear to have any of these, so I would agree with @jrichard, it is likely caused by another service used on your site that uses Cloudflare and is a false positive from builtwith.

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I see - so you are saying that the shared IP is not a result of Cloudfare’s global network, it is squarely a PowWeb concern? The BuiltWith guy, Gary, replied to my inquiry saying it was a Cloudfare thing, but I dont know how closely he looked at the issue. He’s the owner, so maybe a little busy!


1 Like is a Cloudflare IP, your site appears to be on so I am not sure where built with got those IPs from, again presumably from another service on your domain that uses Cloudflare.

A little further digging and your website’s IP address is actually owned by “The Endurance International Group, Inc.” according to an ARIN whois search.

They own several hosting company brands (see: Home | Newfold Digital) but not actually PowWeb… so honestly, PowWeb is probably reselling from one of those providers.

Not that this helps, just more information for you.


Just a note, your domain did appear to be on Cloudflare until recently,

Cloudflare, Inc. FROM 2018-01-30 (1 year ago) UNTIL 2019-02-21 (28 days ago)

It pointed to:

For 1 year up until 28 days ago.


Very interesting. Thank you for digging into that. Not too impressed with PowWeb.

Interesting. The other site on the same PowWeb hosting plan is www.truerenewhomes.com and that one was on that other IP address you saw. until five months ago, when it changed to

I know IP addresses randomly change. I hoped to get to the bottom of the site’s delay, but it seems like the IP address has nothing to do with it. I read that Cloudfare sometimes blacklists sites and I wondered if www.bellydancebodyandsoul.com was getting snagged for some reason. The site has major SEO issues and I’m rebuilding it, as I mentioned. Thanks everyone for your thoughts on this.

Why would a site suddenly NOT be on Cloudfare? Could that have been PowWeb making changes?