Why is Certificate showing as R3 and not Cloudflare

I have moved a few domains over to Cloudflare, set SSL for the certificate, and they’re working fine.

However, for two domains, it shows the certificate as R3. This is meaningless to me, and incredibly there is no mention of it at all in the Cloudflare help section.

So, would anyone be so kind as to tell me what is R3, what does it mean, and how can I get the website certificate to properly show as Cloudflare?

Thank you ever so much.

Hi @bruce.lewis,

I’m not sure where you’re looking, but it is a Let’s Encrypt certificate that is showing? If so then that’s normal, Cloudflare use a range of CAs including Let’s Encrypt. You can look at the response headers to check that the site is going through Cloudflare.

If you’re still unsure, can you share the domain here so we can check?


I am looking at the certificate in the padlock on the URL on the website.

The sites are www.ithrenergy.com and www.ithrgroup.com.

And thank you for your quick reply.

Those seem to be working OK and are using Cloudflare:

This one does have some mixed content:

Okay I can now see that too thank you, albeit after doing the same deep digging using the browser’s Inspect option.

How can I make the padlock option show Cloudflare instead of R3, making it easy for users to see what it is?

Also, why does R3 show up instead of Cloudflare?


The only way to change what certificate is issued is to pay for the Advanced Cetrtificate Manager. Otherwise, you just get whatever cert is issued as Universal SSL. It doesn’t affect the usage of Cloudflare who the cert is issues by, but if you do want to change it:


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