Why is blling not answerring my tickets?

Several months ag oI removed all domains form my account however billing continues to charge me and have ignored my tickets for 3 weeks. There is no number to call and no response from support……… WHY??

Billing are very busy at the moment and have a large backlog of tickets. If you post the ticket number, maybe @cloonan will have a look for you.

Billing is still catching up on tickets. Post the ticket # here and the mods will usually look into it.

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@domjh: JINX!

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That’s fine but why are they charging me when the domains were removed from my account months ago? The account is empty so why a bill?

Request #1643127

That is something only support can answer.

However they will NOT answer……. nobody wants money taken from their bank account illegally and then be ignored making them feel ripped off.

There is nothing more the community can do, please wait for one of the Mods to have a look at your ticket.

Hi @lapier, sorry for the frustration and the issues. I see the team process the refund. Please let them know if you don’t see it in the 5 - 7 days they indicated earlier.