Why is Auckland, NZ, Routing through Osaka, JAPAN?

Our company is based in Auckland NZ,

I thought we should be routing through Auckland, or even Sydney,
But no… we are routing through Osaka JAPAN… thousands of miles away.

What happened to Cloudflare operating in Auckland New Zealand?
and will this ever be back up?

And then what Happened to Cloudlfare operating in Sydney?

Free plans get re-routed if the closest datacenter is congested. Sometimes it could just be the user’s ISP using less efficient routing.

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My mate in New Zealand is with Spark and he is getting AKL for all sites listed here:


What is your ISP?


I am also with Spark, on Gigabit Fibre

Our website is in San Francisco

Ok, I am on a free plan,
and I really dont see how this should limit if the Auckland location is available or not?
Are you saying it If move to the $20 a month plan, suddenly my website becomes a whole lot faster?
and suddenly Auckland, and Sydney, and dozens of others… become available?

I am also on a Gigabit Fibre connection in New Zealand.

Also… I have NEVER connected via the Auckland Cloudflare location that I am aware of
it used to be Sydney, and now appears to only connect via Japan lately.

Paying customers typically get more/better service. But, it may not make a difference either. If you want to get a rough idea, here is a cdn-cgi/trace on a business plan.

In particular, when a location is reaching capacity, they will shift free traffic elsewhere to maintain service for paying customers. In the past there were some locations only open to paying customers, although I don’t believe that this is the case now.

It could simply be that your provider isn’t well peered to/with Cloudflare in the area. I have a Cloudflare POP in my city, but neither of the two big consumer ISPs peer, so my “nearest” POP is across the border in another country, but also only 35ms away, so it isn’t really a problem.


yes, trying in my website, none of these come up with the auckland location,

Only Japan for the Free plan… and only Sydney for the Paid Plans.

But No Auckland appears on that list anywhere

Yes, I believe you are correct and it may be a Peering issue, I logged a ticket with my ISP to try and determine this.

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