Why is a claudflare so trusting?

When a complaint from my competitor came to my site, my site was immediately recorded as phishing. In recent days I have already lost revenue from the site and regular customers.
My site is - bestchange.pro, script is licensed.

That site appears to contain malware / viruses.

What link of malware or viruses on my site?
My site is working 3 years, and for three years there have never been viruses

Site categorised as high risk by Cloudflare, McAfee and Sophos. Finance/Banking,Phishing


Your site is blacklisted

If you wish to query the phishing notice with Cloudflare, follow the instructions on the page:

If you’re the owner of this website
Please log in to Cloudflare.com to review your flagged website. If you have questions about why this was flagged as phishing please contact the Trust & Safety team for more information.

Just looking into it a bit more. Do you have anything to do with bestchange.com?

I have no relation to bestchange.com, but mine and their site are two different sites. Only the color is the same.

This is why your site is blacklisted. It isn’t just the colour that is the same. Your site is a clone of theirs claiming to be a ‘pro version’. The blacklists are right not to trust this site. It is a clone of bestchange.com on a similar domain, pretending to be them.


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