Why is is blocking SupportXMR.com?

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Hello community,
I already used the search and typed supportxmr[.]com and I got 0 results.

I am trying to understand why when I use the DNS (Malware and Adult Content Blocking Together) then I cannot access supportxmr[.]com…

Even if I use the non adult content blocking DNS which is (Malware Blocking Only) I still cannot access supportxmr[.]com…

The website supportxmr[.]com is a mining pool like minexmr[.]com and minexmr[.]com is not blocked by Cloudflare DNS.

I even tried then and even and all of these DNS block supportxmr[.]com as well as monerohash[.]com and moneroocean[.]stream and probably others that I am not aware of.

Is this something done at purpose from Cloudflare? And will it be possible to know why?

Thanks everyone for any insight in this situation.

You can look at the individual domain name(s) on the Cloudflare Radar, and see one or more categories being tied to them, e.g.:

  • CIPA Filter
  • Cryptomining


  • CIPA Filter
  • Cryptomining


  • CIPA Filter
  • Cryptomining


  • CIPA Filter
  • Cryptomining
  • Malware


According to your own words here, as well as what it sounds to be from the outside, it sounds like the categorization of “Cryptomining” is perfect.

In addition to that, one of the listed domains has also been categorized as “Malware”.

Both of those two, are things that are under the parent category “Security threats”.

The CIPA Filter category doesn’t appear to be one you can touch, but if you believe one or more domain name(s) has been miscategorised, you can suggest to add or remove categories through the links above.

You can take the link and modify the domain name in the end, if you wish to view the current categorizations of other domain name(s).

I would say yes.

The mentioned categories do at least play a role in that.

I don’t think you would get any closer to any reason, than these categories though.


Thank you very much DarkDeviL, that was an amazing answer!

But something is a little off, for example, let’s remove moneroocean[.]stream out of the list due to the malware categorization for this specific domain which I personally deny this to be true but I cannot see what Cloudflare can see on their end. So they might be correct if that domain is spreading malware.

But these 3 domains:
Those 3 domains are categorized as “CIPA Filter” and “Cryptomining” and from those 3 domains, the only domain not blocked by the DNS is minexmr[.]com which makes me realize that the categorization does play a role to block some domains but there’s is more to the picture.

Another thing I would like to point out is, the domain xmrpool[.]eu is another cryptomining domain just like the ones that are blocked and xmrpool[.]eu is not blocked by the DNS and is categorized as “Economy & Finance” which is true but there is a more specific category for this domain which is “Cryptomining”.

So does this means if xmrpool[.]eu gets categorized as “Cryptomining” then this domain is likely to be blocked too?

Also, I’ve never heard of “CIPA Filter” so I Google it and I found this explanation from the FCC website.

The Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) was enacted by Congress in 2000 to address concerns about children’s access to obscene or harmful content over the Internet.

Based on that explanation, it is clear that those cryptomining domains are wrongfully categorized as “CIPA Filter” and at this point I am speculating that cryptomining rivals might be falsely categorizing the competitors websites as harmful for children in order to have those websites blocked but anyways “CIPA Filter” is not even a selectable category in the Cloudflare Radar.

Something is not making sense and when I say cryptomining rivals I am also including the U.S. Department of Treasury and any other agencies that for whatever reason might consider cryptocurrencies as a threat and which may or may not be behind the reason of why this strange blocking behavior and “CIPA Filter” categorization.

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