Why Im getting this fxxking CAPTCHA page almost all website

Why Im getting this fxxking CAPTCHA page almost all website, including all your Cloudflare website, under every single sub domain I have to enter it again and again and again, and every day!!!
I need an explanation, and solution, you have no right to disrupt my general internet access without providing details and proper instruction to resolve issue. And it is not only interfering but also crashing many of webservice http access through applications.

example of you tracking info
Cloudflare Ray ID: 652a31b9687d0cc3 • Your IP:
Cloudflare Ray ID: 652a32af5d6f0000 • Your IP:
Cloudflare Ray ID: 652a33fced9a0280 • Your IP:


Cloudflare does not disrupt your general internet access.

  1. this is not your “general internet access” as otherwise you could not even call any site at all.
  2. its the siteowners freedome to configurate Cloudflare in a way so it forces users to solve captchas to validate them

Please provide some examples so we can look into this

This probably not gonna happen, as its the owners whish/configuration and his right. But this is not Cloudflare blocking you or something like this. So if you want to complain about this, please contact the owner of the site you are facing captchas and ask politely if they might turn them off

Cloudflare does not disrupt your general internet access.

Read my lines carefully, i dont mind any forms of Cloudflare business building on top of internet traffic, as long as consequences of this business is reasonable and transparent. Lets say, im gonna strike a million dollar deal but it is distrupted due to this sort of “protection”, would that be completely non-responsible for Cloudflare?
And dont talk me about siteowner freedom, behind logic comes from Cloudflare algorithm who should be 100% responsible.

Im not talking about few sites’ decision, this is obvious “blocklist thing” on Cloudflare, happening to 90% of the sites im visiting, starting days ago, especially less popular ones. And they are international too, so they somehow cooperate together on blocking me?

I have posted examples as original post,
So here you go when i even come to this forum as


and THIS

If you are Cloudflare employee then please explain these, dont brush me off cuz im also siteowner, and senior in engineering and networking. Whats more, there is no way to get in touch with Cloudflare in terms of such issue other than this sign-up-required forum, thinking what if this happens to your grandma, and i dont even know if this would be heard by officials.

Again, I reserve my rights to practice legal action after i exhaust all my means trying to get this resolved, so consider this is a polite enough asking.

I am not. I’m part of this community just as you.

You owning a house does not give your any rights to enter another person’s houses. If you want to read their content you must play at the rules they come up with, there is nothing to negotiate. If you want to complain about that the features Cloudflare offer for its customers are very effective and work as expected you, like I said should do this by contacting the siteowner and ask him politely to do so.

You configurate your site and allow/block everything you want. They has configurated their site, which you dont like but this is your personal problem :slight_smile: Cloudflare will pretty sure not take away such useful features. If someone can turn it off, its the one having control over the site.

I couldn’t care less about people stating something like this :slight_smile:
Best luck with your legal actions!


First, thanks for trying to answer my questions (or at least replied)
Fairly saying, what im describing here has nothing to do in your metaphor:

  1. Im siteowner has nothing to do with Cloudflare, and Im not Cloudflare user, more or less an victim, I only states i understand what other siteowner’s ability and decisions.
  2. Commecial websites should be an market place, owner should be welcoming their customers, instead of having hired security rejecting customer like me by discriminately judged, or constantly harrasing me while im shopping, especially this security company (Cloudflare as it is) serves most of the market places.
  3. Giving you more context of this situation, that Cloudflare collects traffic information from multiple network monitoring orgs, and leveraging them as SoT to make judgement in Cloudflare customer’s configuration. And from what i have researched this is likely the reason my ip has been flagged.

Thats been said, so far i have received 0 response from cloudflare officials to provide any substancial proof they should interfering my traffic. Therefore this is not about me versus siteowner, its me versus cloudflare.

Caveat: Not a Cloudflare worker here, just a user and site owner.

As a website owner, I choose what is best for my website.

Part of what I choose as best is driven from what I witness in logs of visits to my website. And if those logs show that most (90%+) of the traffic that arrives via a certain medium, from a certain country etc, are malicious (typically bots scanning for vulnerabilities), then I choose for my website to be proactively protected from those threats.

That might be by detecting and tarpitting/blocking most likely malicious activity, or blanket blocking or applying a captcha, to a traffic source country that sends 90%+ malicious traffic.

Cloudflare didn’t seek me out and force protection on my site. I sought them out and chose it for myself, and my site. If many others choose similar safety, it can to some cause what you describe.


Thanks for your insights @benhelps , those sounds more like cloudflare need to address specifically, as you may see above flagged ip is my personal address, and I would not be stupid as running malicious apps here, on the otherside that my host are kidnapped by botnet, I have run scan, firewall adjustment, traffic monitoring i dont see any suspicous activity either. Not mention botnet can easily fake source IP as well. Thats why im here to confront cloudflare and dispute my case.

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