Why i'm getting other DNS?

Hi guys…please advise whether i’m on Cloudflare DNS based on the screenshot.

Yes, you are. You’re not using WARP, but you are using securely.

Thanks…but why it shows that i’m using OpenDNS instead of Cloudflare DNS?

The AS Name and Number are your connecting ones. The only parts that matter are Connected to and Using X

Oh i see…thanks for the info :+1:

No, the AS number is the one of the received DNS queries. It should say 13335 when using When using Google DNS it will say 15169. It seems like they use multiple DNS servers at the same time.
@artsvmd92 how are you connecting to

That seems to be a multiple configuration of DNSs.
Maybe the system is configured to use CF DNS and OpenDNS? Check the settings.

Also, check here to see if the DNSs are only from Cloudflare or are being made requests to others: https://ipleak.net/

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