Why I need to verify as human under WARP+?

Referring to this website which has enable this function, I do not understand why I need to go through this unneccessary verification when I am ON WARP+!

Do you mean WARP+ also unsafe?

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WARP+ isn’t a way to get around challenges. You can’t get around the challenge page.

Warp is not unsafe


It’s not for getting around challenges. I’ve noticed a significant uptick (almost EVERY site) when connected to WARP+ requires verification. When disconnected from WARP, no verification is required. In fact, I can browse to THIS forum without WARP enabled and not get prompted. Then I enable WARP and hit refresh on the page and BAM, “are you human?”

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Here’s a link to my post this morning specifically using this forum as the example:Cloudflare human verification prompt excessively displayed when WARP is connected

Another outcome of this problem, and this is actually a little bigger than just being annoyed by having to click a checkbox, is that some site functionality (like image uploads on astrobin.com) don’t work AT ALL.