Why I need to verify as human under WARP+?

Referring to this website which has enable this function, I do not understand why I need to go through this unneccessary verification when I am ON WARP+!

Do you mean WARP+ also unsafe?


WARP+ isn’t a way to get around challenges. You can’t get around the challenge page.

Warp is not unsafe


It’s not for getting around challenges. I’ve noticed a significant uptick (almost EVERY site) when connected to WARP+ requires verification. When disconnected from WARP, no verification is required. In fact, I can browse to THIS forum without WARP enabled and not get prompted. Then I enable WARP and hit refresh on the page and BAM, “are you human?”


Here’s a link to my post this morning specifically using this forum as the example:Cloudflare human verification prompt excessively displayed when WARP is connected

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Another outcome of this problem, and this is actually a little bigger than just being annoyed by having to click a checkbox, is that some site functionality (like image uploads on astrobin.com) don’t work AT ALL.

Similar issue.
I feel that while using WARP+ I get a lot more of these checks for humanism. Why isn’t there a reduced need for them if we use CF WARP? We connect via same Cloudflare IPs (starting with 104…) anyway to challenges.cloudflare.com checking tool…

Maybe it’s because there are many Cloudflare WARP users in the specific colocation center and there aren’t enough IP addresses for each one so the cloudflare challenge checkers think it’s some sort of DDoS if many users with similar IPs connect.

Even google for me, personally forces a lot of human verification captchas when I’m connected to WARP.