Why I got dedicated SSL instead of a shared one?

I am using Cloudflare Free plan. I read that when we register a domain for Cloudflare free CDN, we get free Universal SSL which is a shared certificate.

But when I registered my domain for free plan I got a dedicated SSL. The certificate is shown as shared Universal SSL in Cloudflare dashboard, but I can clearly verify that it is dedicated to my domain, and is issued by R3.

Why did this occur ? Do Cloudflare gives free dedicated certificate if it is being issued by Let’s Encrypt ?

I don’t think they issue certs shared by other domains any more, thank goodness.

It could be that they either still consider the certs with a cloudflaressl CN as shared, or they need to update that text.

The new Let’s Encrypt certs are much nicer compared to any of the older methods here.


Thanks @sdayman …! This means that shared SSLs are going to be less and less in future and most of newly registered domains will get dedicated SSL…That’s a good news…!

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