Why i dont have the ssl credentials

hello, I want to have the ssl credentials, I have done all the steps that I had to do and I have waited 24h and I still do not have it

Can you share the domain name?


Thank you. What is the SSL setting on your SSL/TLS app?

Also, this tip has some suggestions on how to address, Community Tip - Fixing NET::ERR_CERT_COMMON_NAME_INVALID

flexible and always https on

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Thanks, can you share a screenshot of your DNS tab? Please obscure ip details.

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I see Cloonan is replying, but I also see that your domain isn’t using Cloudflare’s Name Servers. So it’s not going through Cloudflare at all.

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Hi @adriango123y, your name servers are not pointing to Cloudflare. They were confirmed yesterday but:

$ dig ns cheatwiz.tk +short

Did you switch them back to the 000 webhost name servers? Edit - to switch them back, you’ll need to contact your domain registrar. Your Cloudflare name servers will be displayed on the DNS tab of your Cloudflare dashboard.

I just changed it for yours, how long will it take for it to work?

It could take up to 24hrs for nameserver propagation.

It’s looking pretty good to me now. There are just a couple of Mixed Content issues with third-party assets:

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Did you make that change with your Domain Registrar? I’m still seeing the non-cf name servers.

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So far so good, name servers set:

$ dig ns cheatwiz.tk +short

And ssl is enabled, certificate is issued:


But, is a hostinger offer page and a countdown timer.

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